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When you think about the most successful athletes and people of all time, almost every one of them has a certain aura and invincibility to the way they present themselves in sport and to the world. Sometimes mistaken for arrogance, this self-belief is essential in succeeding in professional sport and in life in general too. The best believe they’re the best and they make their opponents believe they’re the best too.

International Tennis Coach David Sammel, has named this aura Locker Room Power. David has been successfully instilling the theory of Locker Room Power to serve players well on and off the court for many years, utilising his vast experience and knowledge of the mental aptitude required to succeed as a professional sportsperson.

David Sammel has now decided to share the Locker Room Power Psychology in his first book, Locker Room Power: Building an Athlete’s Mind.

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We all know this aura exists. What I like about this book is that you give it an identity.

Tim Henman OBE

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